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Cuir de couture

Leather process

The model
Before starting, we create a pattern on car​dboard sheets. ​​This will enable us to visualize our future product and decide of our personal design. We add  1cm to each side of our pattern if the creation need  inseams.​

Leather cutting
Once the basic pattern  is made, we move on to cut  the leather pieces (already dyed or natural skin). At this point, with a knife and a metal ruler, concision is required in order to minimize the waste and obtain a clean cut.


​There are colors for surface and colors for the mass. We use dyes to color the full mass of leather. The result is much more natural and clean. Also, we use to finish our creation with small ethnics accessories: Kaula touch !

Twist and strech
It is sometimes necessary to form the leather to give it the desired shape. We need to moisten both sides of the leather under running cold water and let it sit until the water has drained from the skin.
To shape the angles we can use a wooden spatula (metallic objects can leave scar on the leather). We let the leather dry but we have to be careful of the hot Indonesian sun which accelerate the drying and can make the leather harden

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